I gotta keep mercutio talon safe

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  • Title: Radio Announcement 1

  • Artist: Doubt Academy Rubble

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like i listened to the first part of rot’s? and who knows if i’ll be able to sleep tonight im nearly crying hahahaha bye im so scared of the dumbest shit please tell me what rubble’s says

hey does anybody mind making a transcription of the audio psas? i really want to know what they say but things like this terrify the shit out of me

more twists and turns than a really twisty turny thing

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rosebugprincess asked: im not sure what fandoms ur even in except yughio and some sort of meme appreciation group so im sorry i cant be of more help in the fave ship business.

u fine tbh i dont think anyone is going to guess anyway hahaha!

[thinks about how bad me be] [laughs so hard i pass out]

at least rubble’s monomi is making the best of a bad situation but rot’s monomi is just falling the hell apart

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wow rot’s monomi is kind of a fucking mess rn

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rosebugprincess asked: number one otp honda+memes

exactly right one hundred percent

1) honda/memes

hundredsofsmallbirds asked: for the playlists: honda!


-Homewrecker by Marina and the Diamonds
-Once Upon Another Time from Love Never Dies
-Needle Through a Bug from Repo! the Genetic Opera
-Devil Take the Hindmost from Love Never Dies
-A Penny for a Tale from The Devil’s Carnival

so as you can see, my taste in music is trash :U

monomi starts as monomi oh my god thats so sad wtf game literally started 20 minutes and im already crying

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god now im thinking about various reactions of false surprise in relation to school lives of mutual killing like

[monobear appears and orders everyone to start killing] huh

try to guess my 10 favorite ships and i’ll draw you something very quick and small but it can be w/e u want